Writing and editing

Our company writes and edits letters, pamphlets, papers, reports, brochures, booklets, training guides, fact sheets and strategic planning documents for a variety of individuals, agencies and government departments.

We can help you convey your message in an accurate way to a wide range of audiences.  To quote  Quintilian, our aim is not you are understood , but that you are not misunderstood. We ensure that your message is so clear and concise that it will convince your audience and produce the intended effect. The ability to convince will not solely depend on the strong arguments you may have, but also on word choice, sentence structure, order of arguments…


Thanks to our services, you will be able to effectively communicate, improve your relationships with third parties and solve daily problems that may occur with:

  • Different service providers : electricity, water, Internet,  telephone…
  • Government departments
  • Shops
  • Courts and security services
  • Banks, insurance companies…
  • Etc.

Let us know what you need. Bring us all the ideas and details you already have: it is our job to understand the message you intend to convey and correctly write the text you need to convince the addressee.

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We handle your writing assignments promptly, efficiently and accurately.