Interpreter platform

Our language department offers a platform that brings together translators in more than fifty languages and customers from more than one hundred countries. Companies, organizations, Government services and individuals come to us when they need translators/interpreters who are part of our platform.

For interpreters / translators

Whether you are a sworn translator/interpreter or not, you can join our platform.  You will pay no fees and have no other obligation at all. It doesn’t matter what languages you speak or where you live.  Provide as many details as possible so that customers may know how, when and why they will need your services.  Once a customer expresses his/her need for your services, RAFIKI Language solutions will contact you.  

Your information will be protected and kept confidential: it will be revealed only with your authorization and for professional purposes, to customers who need your services


Looking for interpreters / translators

If we have enough information about your needs, we will bring you in contact with interpreters / translators with the required competence and skills.

Your information will be handled professionally and confidentially.

In case we don’t have immediate solutions for you, we will let you know. Your requests and feedback will allow us to broaden our platform.