Language expertise

Our linguists’ role is not limited to translating messages from language A into language B. Thanks to their academic knowledge and professional experience, they guide individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments about the usage of proper language and words with reference to the proper context, language and culture. In fact, they are able to understand and analyze languages in terms of their intricate details.

Our language department also helps you understand paralinguistic phenomena that occur alongside spoken language, interact with it, producing together with it a total system of communication.

Our team of language consultants helps you understand the real meaning of terms and expressions in their historical, geographical, political… contexts.

With particular respect to the African Great Lakes region, our language consultants will improve the work of researchers, aid agencies, conflict mediators, tribunal and courts. In this respect, our consultants will mainly concentrate upon language used in political contexts or during war times.

We also study other forms of languages that can be helpful in the area of cross-cultural communication:

  • Youth language
  • Street language
  • Student language
  • Polite language
  • Informal speech
  • Religious language
  • Slang
    Elsewhere, the language use may help the hearer / reader get some information about the user (speaker/writer: origin, social status, educational background, belonging to a certain social group…
    We currently  take assignments  for the following languages:  Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Kirundi. Of course, we will add more languages as our team of linguists keeps on growing.
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