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Let’s look at the situation of the following families:

  • Mugenzi (1948) married Kayitesi (1950). They gave birth to one girl, Simbi (1975) and one boy, Sugira (1977). Sugira married Gasaro, with whom he had one girl, Shema (2007) and two boys, Kalisa ( 2005)  and Ndori (2009). Simbi married Muhire ( 1973) and they were blessed with one male child, Macumu (2000) and one female child, Mutesi (2002). In 2009, Muhire passed away. In 2013, Simbi married Kabera (1975).  
  • Sebagabo (1942) took Mukankusi (1946) as wife, and they had two daughters , Gasaro (1980) + Umutoni (1980) and one son, Rwema (1983). Later on, Mugenzi took another wife, Nyiraneza (1960), with whom he has had no single child.

The same situation is presented on the genealogy tree as follows:




1. Using the same genealogy tree, present the situation of your own family. Give as much information as possible. Follow the same example:  depart from three families and show the relationships within and between them, up to the third level downwards.  In  case you have more details than the ones on the   genealogy tree  above , please provide them .  If you are  younger than 30 years , your own position should be the third level. If you are between 30 and 60 years old, your own position should be the second level  . If  you are older than 60,  your own position should be  the first level.




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